Welcome to Jantila Graphics.

Jantila Graphics exists to promote the visual art output of Douglas W. Raymond of Orinda, California. What you see here is largely "Chromatoklept(TM)" art. It employs computational methods to yield interesting and pleasing pictures. Most of the palettes are built up from samples of real colors, taken from natural scenes - the exception being that the colors in the "aniline" series (see below) are purely electronic.

Computational art is a four-generation family tradition, having been started in the 1960's by the late Richard C. Raymond (1917-2006). Dad liked to think outside the brush, and so do I. The newest participant is his great-grandson H.R. "Hank" Wagner, born in 2007.

Images such as the ones you see here have been delivered as small-format greeting cards and also as larger-format archival giclee prints in numbered limited editions hand signed by the artist.

Inquiries from established publishers are welcome.

Custom commissions are invited.

Contact the artist at jantila.art (@) gmail.com

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